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JOB FAIR  - AUGUST 29, 2017

Ground Breaking - June 2017

Ground breaking occurred in June 2017.  The development team is planning for construction commencement in Fall 2017.





Community Meeting #3

A third community meeting was held on October 20, 2015 at the Upper Dublin High School Performing Arts Center Auditorium.  During this meeting the Development
Team reviewed its community engagement strategy, outlined findings from the focus groups, presented site plan options for the North Hills development and discussed its  proposed site plan option (Option IA) for community feedback.  To see the agenda and the  presentation please click on the links below.

Agenda 10-20-15.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 337.2 KB
Presentation 10-20-2015.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 2.5 MB

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Findings from the Focus Groups

Focus Group 1:  Neighborhood Quality of Life

Focus Group 2:   Neighborhood Architectural Character & Community Assets/History

Focus Group 2:  North Hills Manor Interior Unit Design & Resident Quality of Life

This session focused on factors affecting quality of life and offered solutions to be considered. The discussion included sidewalk construction and maintenance, traffic calming efforts, visitor parking, loitering, exterior lighting, dog owners, and security enhancements. Click below to see the minutes of this meeting as well as the participant work product.

FG 1 Meeting Minutes 4-16-15.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 328.5 KB
FG 1 Participant Work Product.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 6.4 MB

This session addressed architectural character, the physical form and the placement of the new North Hills Manor units.  Overall there was a strong preference for a) twin construction with porches, b) maintaining the suburban/semi-rural feel of the neighborhood, c) a pool as a neighborhood asset, and d) maintaining the existing community center. Click below to see the minutes of this meeting as well as the participant work product.

FG 2 Meeting Minutes 4-18-15.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 590.5 KB
FG 2 Participant Work Product.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 3.5 MB

(Resident only focus group).   This session focused on the interior unit configurations and layout of the future North Hills Manor units as well as specific site issues and services impacting quality of life for Manor residents.  Discussion included building type, unit configurations, unit amenities, parking, accesiblity for those with mobility impairments and services.  Click below to see the minutes of this meeting as well as the participant work product.

FG 3 Meeting Minutes 5-28-15.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 420.4 KB
FG 3 Participant Work Product.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 4.0 MB

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Invest North Hills Update

Throughout the Spring, the MCHA’s Community Engagement strategy has been in full swing. The Advisory Committee and community Focus Groups have been hard at work and have proven to be invaluable to the planning effort. These community focus groups, consisting of both Public Housing residents and neighborhood residents, provided extremely insightful information about the community’s history, challenges, and hopes for the redevelopment of North Hills Manor. Based on the feedback, the MCHA’s Development team is working to develop preliminary site plans for the redeveloped North Hills Manor. The plans will be presented to the Advisory Committee this fall and subsequently presented at a public forum. Feedback on the plans is welcome and will be considered. Please watch for a future announcement of a Community Meeting. Thanks for your continued interest in the North Hills investment efforts. Please contact the MCHA’s Director of Development, Ms. Kyla Bayer with any questions, 610-275-5720, x338 or email


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Development Planning Focus Groups

Focus groups are an important component of the community engagement strategy for the Invest North Hills effort.  Based upon the community identified priorities as presented in the survey findings, the Advisory Committee determined three focus group topics: 

  1. Neighborhood Architectural Character & Community Assets / Community History 

  2. Neighborhood Quality of Life
  3. North Hills Manor Unit Design and Resident Quality of Life (Manor Residents Only)

Findings from these focus groups will be used, along with survey responses, and Advisory Committee input, to assist in the formulation of conceptual plans for the redevelopment of North Hills Manor.

Focus groups will be limited in size to facilitate effective working sessions. If you are interested in learning more or participating in a focus group please click here.

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Redesign and Rebuild the Manor?

A close-knit neighborhood?

A future in North Hills?

81% of Neighbors and 69% of Manor Residents believe that redesigning and rebuilding the Manor would be an improvement to the neighborhood. 

68% of Neighbors and 100% of Manor residents know most of their neighbors. 

76% of Neighbors and 87% of Manor Residents believe that North Hills is a place they want to live in the future!

In December 2014, surveys were mailed to all North Hills Manor neighbors and residents.  The survey asked for your thoughts on a host of issues including, housing, community assets, quality of life, interaction with neighbors, and North Hills Manor.  The development team received 97 responses (28% response rate) to the Neighbor Survey and 16 responses (40% response rate) to the Manor Resident Survey.  

 Please find the Neighbor Survey Findings below:

North Hills Neighbor Survey Findings 1-3
Adobe Acrobat Document 757.3 KB

Please find the Manor Resident Survey Findings below:

North Hills Manor Survey Findings 1-9-20
Adobe Acrobat Document 795.2 KB

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Advisory Committee Members and Meetings

How Do I Contact an Advisory Committee Member?

Minutes from the first two advisory committee meetings can be found here: 

NH Advisory Committee Meeting 1 Minutes
Adobe Acrobat Document 382.5 KB
NH Advisory Committee Mtg #2 Minutes_ 2-
Adobe Acrobat Document 441.9 KB

The Invest North Hills Development Advisory Committee is comprised of 23 representatives from all neighborhood zones.  All nominations were accepted including North Hill Manor residents, North Hills Manor immediate neighbors, residents of the North Hills neighborhood community from both Upper Dublin and Abington Township, a representative from East Oreland Neighborhood Association and the Director of Upper Dublin Township's Department of Parks and Recreation. The MCHA, Pennrose and WRT also attend.

All Advisory Committee members have accepted the responsibility to serve as a communication link between the neighborhood and the development team and to help identify opportunities, challenges and priorities that the planning effort could address. 

Their role is to hear your ideas and update you on the planning effort!

To contact any of the Advisory Committee members, please click on the contact list below.

NH Advisory Committee Contact List.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 81.9 KB

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Development Advisory Committee

Nominate Yourself or Your Neighbor to Represent Your Interests in the Planning Effort.

The development team is scheduled to conduct a 5-month planning process to engage the community and stakeholders in developing a plan for the North Hills Manor site and surrounding area. An Advisory Committee, to be comprised of approximately 10 stakeholder representatives, will serve as a conduit for communication with the community and provide input and comment on conceptual development approaches.


The Advisory Committee is scheduled to include representation from the following areas: North Hills Manor (NHM) residents, immediate NHM neighbors in Upper Dublin Township and Abington Township, and East Oreland residents as well as Upper Dublin Parks & Recreation, North Hills Community Center User Groups and North Hills Community Members.


The planning process is scheduled to include: 3 Advisory Committee Meetings, 3 Focus Group Discussions, and 3 Community-wide Meetings.


Mailers including nomination forms were sent to each household in the North Hills stakeholder community and to North Hills Manor. Nominations are due on

December 1, 2014 to the MCHA.

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Check out the Notice Board

For those who may not have ready access to the internet, there is now an Invest North HIlls Notice Board located on the North Hills Manor community building at the corner of Linden and Walnut Avenues.  Community meeting notices and project updates will be posted there as well as on this website.

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Community Meeting #2

A community meeting occurred on July 29, 2014 to introduce Pennrose and receive community input about the future of North Hills Manor.  To view the Power Point presentation presented that evening by Pennrose please click the download link below.  

Pennrose Presentation 7-29-2014
Pennrose Presentation 7-29-14.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 2.0 MB

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Development Partner

At its scheduled Board meeting on June 25, 2014, the MCHA's Board of Directors approved the designation of Pennrose Properties, LLC as its Development Partner for the revitalization of  North Hills Manor.   The MCHA’s rigorous and detailed evaluation, showed that Pennrose's proposal consisted of a strong team, with extensive and deep experience.  The firm demonstrated a flexible approach and vision and was enthusiastic about meeting with neighbors and residents to create a plan that is respectful of the surrounding neighborhood.


A community meeting will be scheduled later this summer to introduce Pennrose and its design team to the community.  Please check the events section of this website for more information





Community Meeting # 1 and RFP

A community meeting was held on March 18, 2014 at the Upper Dublin Township Fire Station A - Community Room to announce this investment and the issuance of a Request for Proposals (RFP) for a Development Partner to lead the development, planning and investment at North Hills. 


In April 2014, the MCHA issued the RFP. Seven proposals were received and the MCHA expects to select a Development Partner in June 2014.


To download a copy of the RFP, click the link below:

MCHA Development Partner RFP and Addenda
MCHA Development Partner RFP - Issue 4-2
Adobe Acrobat Document 10.2 MB

View upcoming events.



August 29, 2017 5-7 PM

Antioch Baptist Church 

200 Logan Ave, North Hills, PA

Individuals, Subcontractors, Suppliers for construction of North Hills Manor

To see the flyer for the JOB FAIR on August 29, 2017 click here.

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