Over the past year, dozens of community members and Manor residents have been hard at work, helping us to understand the neighborhood and its hopes for the redevelopment of North Hills Manor.


We've conducted surveys, held Advisory Committee meetings and focus group sessions.    Based on the community's feedback, and utilizing many of the community's ideas and suggestions, the development team designed several Site Plan Options for the redeveloped North Hills Manor.   The images below represents our Proposed Site Plan for North Hills Manor (Option 1A).   We presented this option to the community at a public meeting on October 20, 2015. To see the other site plan options considered and presented at that meeting, please click here.

Planning Image

This image to the left is of the existing conditions in the North Hills Neighborhood.  The image was presented at the first community meeting on March 18, 2014 and was published in the Request for Proposals (RFP) for the Development Partner.  The red parcels represent the existing North Hills Manor parcels and the blue are township owned parcels.  The five parcels noted in the image were possible locations for development of houses and/or community facilities.  


The Proposed Site Plan Option 1A, above, uses only the existing North Hills Manor parcels for development.

"We listened and we heard.  Overwhelming, the feedback we received was to preserve the township assets in kind and in parcel size.  Site Plan Option 1A does just that."  Joel Johnson, MCHA Executive Director

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August 29, 2017 5-7 PM

Antioch Baptist Church 

200 Logan Ave, North Hills, PA

Individuals, Subcontractors, Suppliers for construction of North Hills Manor

To see the flyer for the JOB FAIR on August 29, 2017 click here.

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